Jowar Roti
Jolada Rotti | Jowar Roti | Jowar Bhakri  recipe
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Jolada Rotti | Jowar Roti | Jowar Bhakri  recipe– with step by step photo, detailed description and the video. Jolada rotti is an healthy and wonderful Indian flat bread recipe with essential nutrients.

Course: Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Jolada rotti, Roti, Rotti
Servings: 3
  • 6 tbsp Jowar flour
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as required
  • Jowar flour or Wheat flour for rolling the balls
Recipe Notes
  1. Heat the water and let it comes to boil. 
  2. Add Jowar flour to the boiling water, also add little of salt for taste. Keep the flame on.Jowar Roti
  3. Keep on stirring and let the mixture becomes thick and almost like chapati dough consistency. Make sure there are no lumps. 
  4. Then switch off the flame, keep aside for 5 minutes. Jowar Roti
  5. Knead the dough in hand for 2 minutes well. 
  6. Make big lemon sized balls, roll it in jowl flour or wheat flour and roll like chapati.Jowar RotiJowar Roti
  7. Roast on hot tawa by flipping both the sides.Jowar Roti
  8. Serve the hot with chutney or ennegai or chutney powder.